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Paving, Bundaberg

Paving is a great option for paths, patios, driveways, any surface that you walk on in your yard or garden!

Paving materials include:

  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • stones which include flagstone, cobblestone, artificial stone
  • bricks
  • tiles
  • special types of wood

The main problem that you will encounter with paving in your landscaping project is the array of decisions that you have to make! 

Not only do you have to choose which paving material to use, you have to decide on the quality, size, colour and finish of these materials. 

Having an overal plan and theme for your garden with a landscaper going through your options with you will make this whole decision process a lot more enjoyable for you as the homeowner. 

Things to consider with choosing your paving material:

  • the type of home you have i.e modern new estate, older style Queenslander home etc 
  • the space you have to play with 
  • the accessibility of your yard 
  • the budget for the landscaping project 
  • the colour scheme of your house, roof and gutters, the type of gardens 
  • what is the plan for this space: BBQ? Pergola? Driveway? Kid’s playing area?

Once you’ve decided on what type of material, the quality and colour of your pavers, now is the time to decide which pattern is best for your needs, a landscaper can help you navigate this! 

The pattern choices that you have:

  • Stackbond Pattern- simple and great for larger pavers 
  • diamond pattern- great for small to medium sized areas, visually interesting
  • stretcherbond pattern- classic brickwork and cobblestone appearance  
  • basket pattern- best for small rectangular pavers for small areas 
  • Herringbone Pattern- the strongest pattern, good for driveways and high traffic areas 
paving Bundaberg

Driveway Paving and Concreting

When deciding on what landscaping services  you need on your property in Bundaberg your driveway is a very important feature. 

Your driveway is the pathway from the entrace of your property to your home, it is not only a walk way and a path for your cars but it is often one of the things that stands out the most when looking at your house from the street. 

Very often, driveways are noticed for the wrong reasons.. big cracks along your concreted driveway, chipped or deteriorating pavers of your driveway, dirty or discoloured patches on your driveway often are most noticeable especially when the rest of your garden is looking great. 

Similarly to when you get your roof restored, you get your gutters done too because with a new beautiful roof, old gutters will stand out even more. Same goes for your driveway. 

When your landscaper has done a great job and your garden or yard is inpeccable, an old driveway will detract from your investment and will bring down the team! 


What is the process of paving your driveway in Bundaberg?

1. check for utilities underground

2. survey your property and know the boundaries of your property 

3. mark clearly the boundaries of where you want your driveway to be 

4. excavation services are next! Excavate the topsoil and level out the area where the concrete will be layed – this is really important and often requires A LOT of manual labour. Why not hire a team of landscapers who have an excavator and all the right tools to do the job fast and painlessly (for you!) 

5. map out with wooden forms and stakes the correct area 

6. add sand and gravel 

7. steel reinforcement bars are laid 

8. concrete is poured into the designated area 

9. smooth out and level concrete

10. concrete gets cured ! patience is key, don’t try to hurry this process up, you might end up making a big mistake and have to repair it with a lot of effort and manpower! 

As you can see the process of concreting a driveway is a lot longer and more complex than simply laying concrete.

If anything the pouring of the concrete is the easy part, the preparation including excavation of the soil is where a lot of the effort and time goes. 

Concreting your driveway can be a very cost effective solution to landscaping your front yard  in the long run with less maintenance than other options! 

Concreting Services

Our landscaping services obviously include the above section of driveway paving.

Other concreting services that we offer are pathways, patios and outdoor living areas for entertaining for example a large paved area for a BBQ and dining area. 

Decorative concrete is a popular trend in our Bundaberg Region. You’ll see houses with paved driveways that have beautiful decorative elements as far as an array of colours, textures and all will be durable! 

Maybe you don’t need to replace the existing concrete pathway or driveway that you have, maybe you just need to restore it! 

Perhaps concrete resurfacing is an option for you. Contact your friendly local landscaper to get a quote and advice for your concreting and paving needs. 

concrete driveway Bundaberg

Why have a paved driveway?


smooth and safe to walk over

prevent falls from uneven surfaces

easier to keep clean

just hose it down, not weeding involved

add value to your home

improve appearance and curb side appeal!

much cleaner than dirt when wet!

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