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We love gardens. If you’re looking for a landscaper that is passionate about gardens, then we may be a great fit to work together to make your garden landscaping dreams a reality that you wake up to every sunny morning in Queensland. 

Little or big gardens bring so much joy and life to a home. 

Are you looking to renovate your garden and give it another lease on life? 

Are you looking for a low maintenance garden because you just don’t want to or can’t look after it like you did before?

For some, their garden is a hobby, for others it is just a pretty feature of their house. You can create your garden to reflect whatever it is that you want. 

The thing we love about gardens so much is that you can create just about anything with the right knowledge, skills and materials. 

Get Started on building the garden of your dreams

From gardens to pools, fences to driveways, we do it all. 

Garden Design

One of the most important elements in creating a garden is the planning stage. 

Our landscaper will collaborate with you to plan the layout, design and maintenance of your garden. 

Gardens take work, some more than others, but the maintenance and nurturing of the garden is a really vital factor in the success of your garden in the long run. 

Our landscapers will go through how to care for your garden and will recommend the services (whether through our landscaping maintenance plans) or things that you can do yourself to keep your garden looking beautiful and thriving as it should. 

Turf Laying

The health and look of your turf impacts the overall feeling of your home more than you could even image! 

Our landscapers are expert turf layers, we know the local climate therefore we know which type of turf is best suited and what advice to give regarding its care and maintenance. 

If you’re going through the trouble of landscaping your yard whether it be front or back yard, having green, healthy turf is essential! 


Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

We offer lawn maintenance and lawn mowing service that you can book our landscapers for whether it be on a regular basis or for a one off. 

Lawn mowing can be quite the burden, especially in the summer months with the Queensland rainy season, the grass grows like crazy and requires pretty consistent mowing to prevent your yard form looking unkempt. 

Our lawn maintenance services include:

  • lawn moving

  • garden edging

and everything in between depending on what your garden requires. 

Garden Irrigation 

A critical factor to a successful and the longevity of your beautiful garden is the irrigation system. 

Doesn’t sound so glamorous but it is really important. 

Discuss with your landscaper the irrigation system that you currently have and what our landscapers would recommend in order to get the best out of your investment into your garden and yard. 

Not only is irrigation important but the drainage of your garden is as well! 

We know the climate in Bundaberg therefore you can count on us to give you reliable, local understanding and advice. 

Being a small business, our reputation is really important to us! 

The benefits of thoughtful garden design


the right amount of maintenance for your needs

suits our climate in Bundaberg

You can enjoy it year round

no headaches with watering or drainage

add value to your home

indulge in your hobby once and for all!

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