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    When are retaining walls required? 

    Retaining walls are built to retain soil on two different levels on either side of the wall.

    They are often used in the construction of gardens, pools, some elevated patios and even driveways.

    If you think your property is not sloping, get it measured by a landscaper to see if a retaining wall might be necessary.

    Something important to note is that not all materials are suitable for all retaining walls.

    Speak to your landscaper to design and plan a retaining wall that suits your property and the project you need done including the type of soil, how big the wall is, how much soil and materials will the wall be holding, the height and your budget.

    Kinds of retaining walls:

    • Garden Walls

    Garden beds often require a retaining wall, however big or small.

    These walls work to keep soil and the plants themselves organised and in their place and reduce the movement if there is heavy rain, like our summers in Bundaberg.

    • Sleeper Retaining Wall 

    can be either timber or concrete sleepers!

    • Concrete Retaining Wall 

    Concrete strikes again. asa very useful and versatile choice of material for your retaining wall. Because it is a synthetic material, there is a huge variety of choice with size, colour and texture and even weight of concrete bricks for your retaining wall.

    Very durable and low maintenance. Concrete retaining walls will not require much repair when built correctly on a gravel base.

    Poured concrete retaining walls are also an option! This could be a good idea if you are going for a sleek, modern look with a finish that is even and uniform.

    Drainage systems need to be in place prior to pouring concrete.. once it is set, it is very difficult to change!

    • Timber Retaining Wall 

    Good old timber. Treated timber is used to build a strong and durable retaining wall.

    The variation in timber can give a lot of variety to the aesthetic nature of the wall.

    Although the sleepers are treated, they are not as durable as concrete or brick walls due to deterioration over time. However they still do last a long time!

    You’ll need to make sure you don’t have termite around the house, get a pest inspection first as wood is susceptible to termite damage over time.

    Timber retaining walls are probably the most cost effective.

    retaining wall Construction Bundaberg
    • Sandstone Retaining Wall 

    Sandstone is a beautiful material. You’ll be impressed by the finish event the most modest of sandstone retaining walls!

    Durable (it is stone) therefore you’ll get a lot of years out of a sandstone retaining wall.

    One of the more expensive materials to build a wall from, consider the size of your project, maybe sandstone is worth the extra investment for the look that you’re after.

    • Driveway Retaining Wall 

    With building a retaining wall for your driveway, the load is one of the most important factors to consider.
    We are talking a lot of weight. More than a garden bed thats for sure.
    Therefore you’ll need all the right preparation with the right amount of excavation, layers of sand, gravel in designing and planning your retaining wall for your
    • Pool Retaining Wall 

    If you are considering building a pool in your yard, you’ll need to involve a landscaper to build a structure that can hold the weight of the earth on one side and the water on the other. 

    Interlocking concrete blocks are the most common material for retaining walls for pools. 


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    Benefits of landscaping your outdoor area


    usable all year round

    lovely Queensland weather!

    add value to your property

    creates more space for entertaining

    more versatile

    BBQ? outdoor lounge? cocktail bar?

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