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Are you thinking about installing a fence in your property in the Bundaberg Region?

 A fence is always a great idea.

From the security it provides for you and your family to the privacy from street traffic, once you experience how much value a good fence can have to your home, you won’t ever want to not have a fence!

Installing a fence may sound like an easy job but it is vital that your fence be installed properly, by a professional to avoid costly and very annoying mistakes down the track.

Have you ever walked by a house with a leaning fence, or once that is sagging?

Perhaps you’ve noticed those fences that are all rotten from the ground up?

 Those are very common fencing problems that our fellow Queenslanders experience.

These are also avoidable problems with the right knowledge, skills and equipment.

Our landscaping services include all types of fencing for your home in Bundaberg!

We install, maintain and repair fencing of all types including: 


Get Started on building the garden of your dreams

From gardens to pools, fences to driveways, we do it all. 

  • Timber Fencing

    One of the favourite fencing options for locals in Bundaberg is timer fencing. Why? similarly to timber decking, timber fencing is: 

    • aesthetically pleasing to the eye
    • cost effective
    • durable (when properly installed, not touching the ground!)
    • easy to repair (you can remove sections rather than replacing the entire length!) 
    • easier to install
    • natural, non toxic material 
    • more flexible than other materials therefore will have a bit more room for movement of soil
  • Metal Fencing including Colorbond Fencing

    You’ve definitely seen the Colorbond fencing trend pop up all over Bundaberg. Colorbond is steel metal that is used to make fences, roofs and used in other construction. 

    Like any other material, metal and steel need to be maintained to avoid deterioration such as rust. However Colorbond is made to last! It will not rust as quickly as other metal fencing such as chain wire fencing. 

    Although a bit more expensive than other metals, Colorbond could be a good fencing choice for your property if you are after longevity. 

    It is important to install metal fencing properly due to the moving nature of the soil and earth, reinforcement needs to be properly in place to avoid excess movement of your fence. 

    Metal fencing is so popular for the following reasons:

    • built to last
    • many colours to choose from
    • looks neat and fresh 
    • heat and fire resistant 
    • less peeling and need for repainting due to the materials used in creating Colorbond fencing 
  • Decorative Lattice Fencing

    Maybe the modern look is not what you’re after..
    Fencing can be a lovely addition to your garden or patio as a decorative feature. 

    Lattice fencing has a charming appeal to it and suits a lot of homes in the Bundaberg region. 

    Lattice fences can have the added bonus of providing shade for your outdoor entertainment area 

    Consider that lattice or other decorative fencing could be a great option for creating a privacy screen too. 

    In the end, what’s the point of having a lovely outdoor living area if you feel watched by your neighbours all day long?

  • Pool Fencing

    Pool fencing is a must, it is an Australian regulation to have a fence around your pool, no matter where you live or what type of pool you have. 

    Keep your kids safe by a fence that keeps them out of the pool unless you are supervising them. 

    Not only will a pool fence keep your kids out of the pool, it can also keep your pets out of the pool too, and not to mention pests! 

    There are many pretty pool fencing options, don’t let your beautiful pool be dragged down by an outdated or old fence! 

  • Wire Fencing

    Probably the most economical of the fencing options and it is ideal especially for larger properties. 

    Not the prettiest of fencing but it does the job.

    If you’re after a fence that does its job without the hassle and price tag of other materials then wire fencing could be your fencing material! 

Whatever the vision for your fence, we can work with you to make your vision come true with our huge range of fencing materials and knowledge in the local area to avoid problems such as sagging or leaning fences by digging to the ideal depth, reinforcing the fence with the appropriate structures and regularly maintaining it to avoid problems related to wood rot due to moisture and termites.

 This list is not exhaustive of the fencing materials that our landscapers work with. 

Call us to discuss what would be the best option for your property in Bundaberg and we can give you a quote while we’re at it. 

The quote for installing a new fence will depend on the material you chose, the size of your property, the accessibility for the landscapers (do they need to remove trees, bushes, boulders?). 

The benefits of installing fencing 

Security from intruders and pests

Safety for kids and pets

Privacy for you to relax

Add value to your property

Identify land boundaries

Curb side appeal for your home- street pride!

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