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The benefits of having a patio in your landscaping plan


  • adds usable space to your home for you to enjoy and entertain
  • add value to your home
  • decrease landscaping costs
  • reduce maintenance required (incomparison to gardens, lawn etc)
  • promote an outdoor lifestyle by encouraging you to spend more time out side of your house! 
  • easier to clean: high pressure hose and leaf blowers are usually all that is required

A patio is more than just an outdoor area that you put a couple of camping chairs out on, a patio can be an outdoor living space that your family enjoy all day round, all year round thanks to the Bundaberg weather! 

An outdoor extension of your home, a patio is a space for you to relax, entertain guests with a BBQ, deck out with elaborate seating, whatever your heart desires, a patio gives you that space to make it a reality. 


What materials can a patio be built from?

Patios are constructed out of an array of materials. Depending on your budget, the look that you are after to suit your home in Bundaberg, the durability and the use, your choices include but are not limited to:

Flagstone Patio-

beautiful, timeless look. Can be more prone to erosion from water deterioration, therefore discuss with your expert landscaper what flagstone for your patio would mean for your budget and long term use of your patio

Clay brick Patio-

a common and versatile material for patios. Homeowners love how many options there are with colour, style, shape. Can even use reclaimed bricks for a greener approach! 


Patio Pavers-

the classic Queenslander patio look

probably the most common of patio materials these days, patio pavers are popular for good reason!

Pavers are durable, come in heaps of different materials (stone, concrete, clay, plastics) and are less prone to colour fading over time (especially stone and concrete pavers). 


Concrete Patio

most cost effective patio material is concrete. When installed correctly by a professional landscaper, concrete patios will last ages.

Concrete patios require proper drainage to be installed, the level is really important here to ensure rainwater doesn’t pool in any ones spot and increase rate of deterioration. 


Gravel Patio

Looking for a quick and easy installation of your patio: gravel could be your top choice!

Choices include: river rock or crushed stone. Drainage is not as much of an issue with gravel compared to concrete patios, this could be an important factor considering the wet season in Bundaberg!


With the better drainage also comes a con of less versatile with outdoor furniture due to the nature of the pebbles moving. Cleaning is also trickier than concrete! 

You may need to consider the roofing for your patio, with all those beautiful seats, that epic BBQ, you’ll want to protect them from the elements. 

Speak to your landscape designer today to discuss the best option for your patio and roofing for your patio. 

Benefits of landscaping your outdoor area


usable all year round

lovely Queensland weather!

add value to your property

creates more space for entertaining

more versatile

BBQ? outdoor lounge? cocktail bar?

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