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Landscaping Services Bundaberg East

Bundaberg East is home to beautiful parks where people can relax and unwind.

Imagine that you can also create a beautiful garden and outdoor space for you to enjoy the gorgeous year round weather in Bundaberg.

Our landscaping services offered in Bundaberg East can make those landscaping dreams into your new reality.

Our landscapers specialise in creating lovely gardens and building functional outdoor areas that you can enjoy for many years.

Our commitment is to provide quality and affordable landscaping services to our local residents. 


We offer garden landscaping services in Bundaberg East that will match your budget and your space. Our landscaping experts will work together with you in creating your perfect garden design for your unique home.

If you need a low maintenance garden, we can provide that too. We also offer maintenance services to keep your garden healthy and stunning all year round!

  • Fencing Bundaberg East

Fencing offers both privacy and security for you and your household.

Fencing installation must be done properly to avoid sagging or leaning fence issues. Our skilled landscapers will ensure that your fencing is firmly installed using quality, durable materials. We offer several types of fencing to suit any kind of homes in Bundaberg East.

We also provide fencing maintenance and repair in Bundaberg.

  • Decking Bundaberg East

Decking gives your outdoors a usable living space and also adds great value to your home.

Decking can provide a relaxing area beside the pool or a spacious entertainment area.Our landscapers will help you in choosing the best timber to use to build your decking.

We have many types of timbers and timber shades to complement your home and your natural surroundings.

We also offer decking maintenance services to keep your deck looking great for many years.

  • Patios Bundaberg East

Our landscaping services include patio building, maintenance and repair in Bundaberg East. You can choose from a variety of patio materials and designs to best suit your needs.


  • Pergola Bundaberg East

We offer services to build or restore your pergola.

Our landscapers can assist you in the design process to create a new pergola that will perfectly complement your house and your yard. The best of all is that the materials are long-lasting and low maintenance.


  • Pool landscaping Bundaberg East

Our landscaping services offer pool landscaping design and construction together with other features to complete your outdoor pool area.

We put your safety first, that’s why we build pools that are compliant with the Queensland pool safety requirements and offer services to build a pool fence too.


  • Excavation and earthworks Bundaberg East

To get the landscape that you desire may require excavation adn earth works.

Our landscaping team has the equipment and the skills to get the big heavy work done without you needing to get your hands dirty or break a sweat!


  • Retaining walls Bundaberg East

The dramatic weather in Queensland can weaken the soil on your property causing it to soften or be washed away by rain. This can be prevented by building retaining walls around the high-risk areas of your property.

Talk to our landscaping experts to measure your property and provide you with the plan, materials, size and height of the retaining walls that will ensure you get the most out of your investment into your landscape.

  •  Paving Bundaberg East

Our landscaping services in Bundaberg East offer restoration of your concreted and paved paths, patios, as well as your driveways.

We can also provide you with many designs and very durable materials if you want a total makeover.

You can be sure that our paving and concreting is built to last and will beautify your home even more!


    Landscaping Service Areas


    • Drinan
    • Duingal
    • Electra
    • Elliott Heads
    • Fairymead
    • Givelda
    • Kensington
    • Kolonga
    • Kullogum
    • Mcilwraith
    • Mon Repos
    • Moore Park Beach
    • Morganville
    • Mullett Creek
    • Nearum
    • New Moonta
    • Oakwood
    • Redhill Farms
    • Skyring Reserve
    • Svensson Heights
    • Takilberan
    • The Hummock
    • Watalgan
    • Wonbah Forest

    If your home is not listed in the above suburb list, please contact us to see if we will come to you, most likely we will if you are in the greater Bundaberg Region and surrounding areas!

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