ballarat lawn

The Ballarat region has specific growing conditions with quite a variation in the seasonal climate for optimal lawn conditions.

Well maintained lawns can reduce heat and provide a relaxing setting in summer and add beauty to our gardens all year round. The following simple tips are designed to assist garden owners with the challenges of maintaining beautiful and healthy lawns.

Ensure your lawns are mowed regularly at a frequency appropriate for the season. Regular mowing allows the lawn to make more green leaves for a lusher looking lawn and reduces the amount of flowers and seeds from weeds potentially growing in your lawn.

Mowing lawns too short. A low cut lawn will reduce the overall health of your lawn causing it to dry and and lose it’s healthy green colour.

Regular mowing at a height of between 35-65mm with enough water for the season and regular fertilising will ensure it maintains optimal health.

Commence lawn mowing around the perimeter then mow in straight lines  with a small amount of overlap to ensure an even finish. For large and irregular lawns mow in sections, cutting around the perimeter and then in straight lines within each section.

Lush healthy lawns requires regular fertilising to ensure adequate nutrients to maintain health and fight disease. Your lawn may also benefit from the application of wetting agents to allow the lawn soil to retain moisture for longer and even moisture distribution. AUSGARDEN can test your soil in order to create a treatment plan to suit your lawns needs.

Healthy lawns require direct sunlight every day. Prune overgrown trees and bushes to ensure your lawns are not in shade over winter which will cause it to die off.

Aerate your lawn to allow sufficient oxygen into the soil to be absorbed by the root system. Aerating the soil will assist with the prevention of root bound lawns and the complications of compacted lawns.  The best time to aerate your lawn is from Spring through to Autumn.

A beautiful lawn is achievable in winter in Ballarat but it does require maintenance all seasons.

Contact AUSGARDEN to obtain a quote to maintain your lawns to keep them healthy and looking beautiful all year round.